Low pricing for volume fundraising.

The iPad4Africa app will be sold in the low pricing range, in order to maximize its sale and raise more money for the African school kids.
We think 1.99 ($/€) is a fair price. How about 2.99? Itʼs a charity. It should be a no brainer.

How difficult could it be to sell 100,000 apps?

The first goal of the iPad4Africa project is to raise US$ 100,000 to fund 10 African schools, so we are planning on pricing the app at 1.99 (US$ in the US, € in Europe, £ in the UK, etc.) so to set the first goal at 50,000 apps sold. Of course we would love iPad4Africa to be a hit, and to sell several hundreds thousands copies of the application around the world. This will allow extending the educational program to other schools across Africa.

All the money goes towards the fundraising. The iTunes Store policy is to keep the 30% of the app sale revenues, while the 70% goes to the app developer – in this case to the fundraising. We are in the process to officially partner Apple for iPad4Africa, asking the iTunes Store to contribute to the charity by waiving the 30% fee, allowing the total volume of sales to go entirely towards the fundraising goals.

In the worst case scenario, if we donʼt manage to successfully negotiate the partnership with iTunes, weʼll price the app at 2.99, just to make sure that 2 $/€/£ per app sale will go towards the cause.

We are aiming at raising at least US$ 100,000, by selling 50,000 apps.

If this project will work, weʼll go for more.

We want to exceed the expectations with the iPad4Africa project, as we are already thinking at more charity educational “social media” initiatives we can create to support sustainable education in Africa.

One project for 10 schools is not enough for Africa. But letʼs start with this one first.

Double expectations first.

The fundraising level we are aiming to is of US$/€ 100,000, which will help support 10 African kids schools with US$/€ 10,000 per school. In Africa it is like a lot of money, but it wonʼt last forever. Just think buying and maintaining a school bus to pick up the kids from neighbouring villages, or building a school.

This is why we are “secretly” aiming at least at doubling the fundraising, and to reach the goal of raising US$/€ 200,000 by selling 100,000 apps. This will give the 10 schools more autonomy within their educational (and infrastructural) needs. Or will help benefit more schools.

Launch another charity education initiative later.

Until we’ll reach the double goal of raising US$/€ 200,000 we wonʼt touch a cent from the fundraising. If the iPad4Africa project proves to be extremely successful, we will dedicate a 10% of the funds raised above the 200K roof for the development of further charity educational initiatives to help Africa. Thatʼs our mission, and we already have some new ideas to help also projects that aim to relief Africa in the fields of health, humanitarian crisis and sustainable growth. We hope to be able to create new opportunities to help Africa.

Do the math, we wonʼt get rich with it. Even if we raise half a million US$, we’ll to put back in the developing loop barely US$ 30,000 – merely enough for launching another project, but weʼll contribute to the rest in a gift economy fashion! =)