Viral promotion? Thatʼs our job.

With our digital marketing agencies we have been managing online marketing projects every day for the past 15 years.
Weʼre going to give our best on this.
And it will all be gift economy / volunteer work.

We have a plan. An online marketing plan.

A blog dedicated to the project? Engagement through a Facebook Page and a Twitter account? Active presence on video sharing portals? Blogosphere buzz? Online press releases? Versions of the iPad4Africa app also for iPhone and – in a second step – for other mobile OS?
We got it all under control. This is our day job. Weʼll give our best.

Do you love coding? We might need your help.

The fact that we can carry on the development, launch and communication of the project with our own resources doesnʼt means that we donʼt need help.

We donʼt need money, but the addition of a couple of programmers to our dev team, especially on the development for non-Apple OS such as Android, Symbian and Blackberry, will help us speed up phase two of the app release. This will comport a faster fundraising and a larger base for the educational charity donations. Which is good.

If you have such skills and want to join our volunteer developing team, send us an email at telling us how you can help. We look forward to working together soon!