We just need the right media partners.

Apple, CNN, The New York Times, CNBC Africa, AfriTech Summit, Twitter and Mashable are among the potential supporter and media partners of the iPad4Africa project.

We have already reached out to many of them, and we are waiting to have a working demo to secure their support.
With their help, weʼll try to reach out to some of the most active testimonials and Ambassadors for Africa, too.

We cannot change the world. But we can try to do some good.

We are not a public institution, foundation or powerful corporation. We are a smart, local, independent but yet award winning design, development and online marketing team. We have the sensibility, the creativity, the skills and the capabilities for designing and producing the iPad4Africa application. But in order to make the educational charity succeed – meaning being able to produce a significant sustainable help, we need the right partners.

This is why we are actively trying to engage sponsors, supporters and media partners. The right ones, as we donʼt need sponsorship money; what the project needs is commitment and a concrete support towards the maximization of the fundraising and educational goals.

We are trying to involve xxxxxxxxxxxxxx for helping us spot the African countries, schools and educational programs that need support. We will ask xxxxxxxxxxxxx to manage the relationship with the schools that will benefit from the iPad4Africa project.

Itʼs all about the buzz. The right one.

Apple is our partner of choice to maximize the distribution of the app through all its local/global iTunes Stores. We will also ask Apple to help achieve a more successful fundraising by renouncing to / donating the 30% of the application sale price, which is iTunesʼ currently revenue sharing business model for the apps.

We will be actively participating to the next AfriTech Kenya Summit, in June 2011. AfriTech Summit is the largest and most important series of digital marketing conferences in the African Continent, with other Summit scheduled for 2011 across the African continent, and more events to come after. Our team will be speaking, moderating conference panels, interviewing keynote speakers and offering technical workshops on social media marketing at AfriTech Kenya Summit.

This is great opportunity to leverage for the official launch of iPad4Africa, also because CNN, CNBC Africa and the digital authority magazine Mashable will also be at the event as media partners. We are actively seeking a partnership with all these media outlets that can surely help boost awareness and buzz around the application and its “true social media” spirit.

We are also trying to connect with our friends at Twitter and The New York Times, both authorities for online and offline news, sensible souls for charity projects and powerful reference of the digital society. The right buzz from them will definitely help achieving the educational charity goals in no time.

The buzz wonʼt stop at launch. People from our team are featured as speakers and moderators at some among the most important online marketing conferences in the United States, Europe and worldwide, with our topic of choice being almost always social media marketing. iPad4Africa will benefit of further awareness, buzz and media exposure at the next editions of conferences such as ad:tech, Search Engine Strategies, Search Marketing Advanced, Social Media Strategies Summit, Online Media Summit, Web Congress events (among others) – in New York, San Francisco, London, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, Berlin, Stockholm, Dubai and other cities. And this is only our conference schedule for 2011!

The buzz is never enough. We need your help.

If you are an organization, institution, corporation, association, media outlet, journalist, blogger or e-fluencer on digital media, education, ethics, charity and human society topics, we need your help.

Please get in touch with us via email at or Thank you very much in advance.