The project in brief.

iPad4Africa is a charity project aiming to support children education in Africa through donations to several schools in different African countries.
The funds for the charity project will be raised uniquely from the sale of an educational / gaming iPad application for pre-school kids. The app will be distributed worldwide, with focus on the US, European and Asia-Pacific regions.

A fundraising app for Africa.

The application’s goal is to create a learning and playful environment for Western pre-school kids “(aged 2-5), who will learn about Africa by playing easy games (shapes, colors, sounds) inspired by the African imaginary and cultural iconography.

The income from the sale of the application will be entirely allocated to the educational, infrastructural and sustainability needs of 10 kids schools across Africa. The goal of the iPad4Africa project is to raise US$ 100,000 in 2011, which will allow funding each the 4 schools with a US$ 10,000 donation.

Thanks to the support of a PR, buzz and social media marketing campaign, as well as from key international media partners, we look forward to exceeding the project expectations, in order to be able to contribute in a more consistent way to children education in Africa, eventually expanding the reach of the charity program to benefit other African schools in needs.

Trust us, we do it with the heart

The fund raised through the iPad4Africa project will entirely go to fund schools in Africa. We wonʼt touch a cent from the fundraising money.
We believe in gift economy, and in Social Media that can actually have a positive social impact. And we love Africa.

An honest, heartfelt gift economy charity project.

All the money from the sale of iPad4Africa will go towards the fundraising goals. There wonʼt be middlemen or organizations cutting their profit part off the charity project. All our development and promotional efforts will be at our expenses, and we wonʼt touch a cent from the fundraising money.

The project team is involved every day with digital marketing campaign for commercial brands / corporations, and we are constantly involved in “social media marketing campaigns” that, beside of being run on social networks, donʼt really have any true positive “social” impact.

We felt we needed to do something good with our skills, something that can potentially help hundreds or thousands of human beings. Real people who need real help. With the iPad4Africa project we want to put “social” back in “social media“.

We love Africa, with all its contradictions, and with the energy, the vitality and the many shades of culture of the African continent. We know Africa, and we know help is needed. A lot. We would love to be able to offer a valid input to a sustainable growth. Starting with children. And education. One school at a time.