African Schools

Where does the money go?

It all goes into building new schools, providing meals in schools, buying textbooks, training local school teachers and offering better education opportunities for children across Africa.
The app alone doesn’t do all this. You actually do it, with your support.

iPad4africa delivers all the funds from the sale of the iPad4Africa app to selected no-profit NGOs across Europe who pledged to put up to the last donation dollar to the emergency of children’s education across Africa. All NGOs funded by iPad4Africa have current educational projects in Africa, and operate with the max transparency and ethics in their charity efforts.

iPad4Africa donates all proceeds from fundraising to:

  • caring and educating school children in the rural areas of Bujumbura, Burundi (by funding the Italian-based NGO Jus Vitae)
  • the development of a primary school and orphanage in Kilambe, Congo (by funding the Italian NGO COE)
  • the Spanish NGO Sunrise Africa Bilbao who is building a school in a orphanage in Tutu, Ghana
  • building new schools in the area of Gilgil, Kenya (by funding the UK-based NGO Harambee Schools Kenya)
  • supporting the education of street children in Bamako, Mali (by funding the UK-based NGO Mali Development Group)
  • providing meals to children in the schools of the Lesotho slum, South Africa (by funding the Spanish NGO Aldeas Infantiles).
  • providing secondary education to children in a schools of Louga, Senegal (by funding the Spanish NGO Aldeas Infantiles).
  • building a school in Lakasa, Zambia (by funding the italian-based NGO Proteus)

A map of the initiatives for children education supported by iPad4Africa across Africa.