Itʼs all about learning, and having fun.

Four different gaming and learning scenarios, with plenty of creative playful interactive educational games.
Children all over the world will love it. While learning about Africa. And supporting children who cannot afford an iPad.

When edutainment meets charity.

iPad4Africa is designed for pre-school kids users (aged 2-5), with the interaction logic focusing on simple, colorful educational games. The iPad touch technology is perfect for pre-school children, since they tend to reach out and touch objects.
iPad4Africaʼs game logic and patterns are designed with the goal of helping children developing skills in several different learning areas:

  • Movement and object interaction
  • Simple mathematics and geometry / shape of objects
  • Problem solving and science
  • Language and writing
  • Creativity and imagination

iPad4Africaʼs design, scenarios and visual iconography are strongly inspired by and referred to African culture. We want Western children to learn about Africa, and to grow up loving African culture.

The gaming scenarios (each containing a number of games) are four, replicating the ecosystem, culture and challenges of Africa. Each of the scenarios represents one of the major African lifestyles and environments: Desert, Savannah, Jungle and Oceanside.

Touch, move, laugh, paint, learn, play, wheeeeeee!

We have been inspired by dozens of children games and gaming/learning apps we regularly buy for our children, and by some of the most successful educational environment for kids, such as those developed for award-winning classics such as Pokoyo, Teletubbies and Boohbah.

Here are some of the games that inspired us for iPad4Africa. Our little ones love these games. They are instant classics. Copyright by respective owners.

iPad4Africa is different, and Africa-inspired.
And touch-screen interactive, which is fun on the iPad.