about morphinauts



Morphinauts is a sound project launched by Burningmax in 2012 as a production and djing spin-off from the Burningmax sound, which is definitely dancefloor focused. Check out the Burningmax blog for plenty of djsets and studio mixes ready to download.

The sound research developed for the Morphinauts project explores, seeks and exploit the psychedelic soul of modern electronica. Ambient, dub, electronica with a techno twist – sometimes even dubstep, hip-hop, rock or classic music. Or just nature sounds or noise.

All music styles can deliver a psychedelic experience for the modern dancefloor, and this is what Morphinauts is about – buzzy, trippy, hipnotic, dreamy, cinematographic, spaced out sound textures meet a beat that will make you dance, if not on the dancefloor, at least in your head. Several layers of sounds, beats and loops, all coming together in search of a blissful state of soul.

Welcome to the Morphinauts sound.

Morphinauts by Lilo Graine - Black Box

Photo created by my friend Lilo Graine for her Black Box light painting project, Nowhere Festival 2012. The original picture has been… remixed of course! =)