beyond space and time


Morphinauts - Beyond Space and Time - cover

You might be surprised by the strong “ethnic” sound of this first Morphinauts studio recording, but I’m pretty happy with it, also since the conceptual context that generated it.

This short (47 minutes) studio mix has been produced as the soundtrack for the opening of the Madrid photo exhibition Pasaporte y Mochila – volumen 2 by Iguacel Gamboa, a friend of mine who backpacked around the world while keeping a very inspiring travel blog and using her photography gear to catch amazing visions from all the countries she explored.

Iguacel’s photo exhibition showcases some of the most amazing images she captured while traveling across Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, China and Nepal. So I run a pretty intensive research to make sure to include sound loops of traditional music, chants and sounds from all the countries shown in the exhibition.

The result of this anthropological research has been the input to an ambient-based mix with a techno edge – also, since Iguacel’s travel adventures are filled with cosmic, energetic and spiritual experiences, I made sure to drop plenty of nature sounds that include sounds recorded in space by NASA as well as nature sounds from my loop banks. Here is the final result for Iguacel’s opening, with the complete list of audio track that made it to my decks. Enjoy.


:: Altrove – Mirko Loko
:: Shishala – Random Lab
:: Ice Cold (Burningmax Remix) – Para One
:: Anna’s Theme – Aril Brikha
:: Elefanze ce Danze – Sebbo
:: Hit & Run – Nikitin & Semikashew
:: Waterfall – Instra:mental
:: On the Mountain Office (Bichi Remix) – Tape
:: I’m in – Underground Resistance
:: A Train to Nowhere – Ripperton
:: Blue – El Gato (Morphinauts Miaomix)
:: No Difference – Booka Shade
:: Exotic Matter (Terence Fixmer Remix) Traversable Wormhole


:: Space sounds: Uranus – Voyager recording (NASA)
:: World sounds: Australian Aboriginal Didgeridoo
:: World sounds: Traditional Philippines instruments (Tboli tribe)
:: World sounds: Tibetan Singing Meditation Bowl
:: Nature sounds: Rainforest – birds, wind, thunder and rain
:: Nature sounds: Little birds and crickets
:: World sounds: Maori Weapons Haka
:: World sounds: Maori Haka Drummers
:: World sounds: Rio Favelas – Talk radio recording
:: World sounds: Classic Argentine Tango samples
:: World sounds: Classic Chilean Cueca samples
:: World sounds: Classic Peruan Andean samples
:: Space sounds: The Song of the Sun – Solar Oscillations (NASA)
:: World sounds: Traditional Cambodian music
:: World sounds: Classic Chinese music
:: World sounds: Traditional Vietnamese music
:: World sounds: Modern Vietnamese Theremin sounds
:: Space sounds: Symphony of the Planets – Voyager recording (NASA)
:: Nature sounds: Campfire sound loop

Do you like the Beyond Space and Time? Download the mp3 version, enjoy it and feel free to share it with your friends, just please check out my copyright and creative commons info. By the way, the image used for the cover art of this studio recording is of course inspired (and of course remixed) by Iguacel’s work. You can check out the blog if you are curious to see Iguacel’s original photo (also included in the Madrid exhibition), that I definitely abused on Photoshop. Welcome to the Morphinauts sound.