A Sound Project by Burningmax for the Nowhere Temple

Meant to be integrated in the Nowhere Temple projects in 2015 and 2016, the Nowhere Temple Sounds Project introduces a large set of “temple sounds” designed to be triggered by participants’ proximity/touch of Temple elements (columns, altar, entry portal, etc).

Unfortunately, the project never got to be implemented for lack of funds. Bummer. Anyway, the sound experience is here for everybody to play with, and always ready to be implemented for future temple projects.

In the mean time, the website has expanded to host complete archives of the Burning Man Temples and Nowhere Temples, as well as a resource page dedicated to the Temple culture at Burning Man. Things always happen for a reason.


Relax by playing some chimes

Breathe deeply a few times

Listen to your heart

Look at life with a laughter

Cry like a little baby

Vibrate with all your body

Sing with the morning birds

Embrace the energy around you

Dance to your own bliss

Join a Drum Circle

Gift your love unconditionally

Expand your consciousness

Feel the hot desert wind

Meditate on a buddhist mantra

Exorcize your monsters

Quest for deeper meanings

Dance to the sounds of space

Dream about the ocean

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