All the Burning Man 2013 CORE Projects

This post is to say hi! to all our fellow CORE Projects teams, who will be our neighbors on the playa this year. As we already explained in previous blog posts, C.O.R.E. stands for Circle Of Regional Effigies. The CORE projects are the art installations that represent regional burner groups and that are placed on the Esplanade, all around The Man, to be put on fire simultaneously on Thursday night, for a full on CORE burn circle of flames that celebrates the international network that has been growing over the last years all around the world. As reported by the Burning Man website, “The CORE Project is a celebration of Burning Man’s Regional Network and of the work that groups throughout the world are doing to nurture and support the Burning Man ethos as a global cultural movement.

Every year Burning Man receives several art installations proposals from the regional groups, but only 24 CORE art installations are selected for the event. This years, our French Burners’ Stairway To Heaven installation will be part of a circle of installations that includes also artwork by the following international regional groups: Israel, China + Taiwan, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Vancouver, Victoria, Maui and Lithuania. Also several US regional groups will participate to the CORE Project this year: San Francisco East Bay, Sacramento, Austin, Minnesota, Salt Lake City, Washington DC, San Diego, Idaho, New Orleans, Houston, Reno, Indiana, Portland, New York, San Francisco South Bay. All the CORE installations look good and offer plenty of ways to interact and explore with the artworks!


To learn more about Burning Man 2013 CORE Project you can read this article by, or follow this page of the Burning Man website where the projects will be announced soon!