French Burners + French CORE + Point G = Huge Fundraising Party in Paris

French Burners and the French CORE Team invite you next Saturday June 1 at the Point G venue in Paris for a day of full immersion into the world of Burning Man! Discover the French CORE project “Stairway to heaven” and try your luck to win a ticket for Burning Man 2013, the festival that takes place in Nevada (United States) from August 26 to September 1, 2013.


By joining our Stairway to Heaven fundraising party in Paris you will participate to the French CORE adventure at Burning Man, because your participation will turn in a donation that will allow the project to see the light.

At Point G the French CORE team and the French Burners organization will create a meeting place for open and creative people, and will share our passions creating an inspiring and friendly atmosphere. Feel free to participate by offering a workshop, performance, and adopting Burning Man “look”!

Here is an overview of the program for the soirée:
– photo exhibition on the Burning Man festival
– workshop: create your own moop bag
– workshop and performance: body painting

And what will be a party without music? Here is a list of DJs and live groups that will perform at the fundraising party:

► Da Hood (FR) – DJ set

► Gagarin Project (CCCP) – DJ set

► La Muerte Pellüda (FR) – Live Jam Sessionüda-/111936268958711

► Runa (Ukraine) – DJ set

Get your ticket for the event now, before it goes sold out! Tickets are now available on Weezevent! See you on June 1st at Point G!