Pictures of French CORE Burn at Burning Man 2013

Last, but certainly not least, here are some cool pictures from the CORE Burn night, on Thursday  August 29, 2013! All the 24 CORE installation were supposed to burn at the same time – but some of them were “very burnable” while Stairway to Heaven had a pretty solid inner structure, so at the beginning our installation didn’t flame up like all the others, and we had to request some support from the Fire Dept at Burning Man, who helped us out with… a flamethrower!!!

Thank you to the Reno CORE Crew to help out with the Fire Perimeter, and to DaveX and the Burning Man F.A.S.T. Team (Fire Art Safety Team) for being of great support! Thank you also to the Portland and Minnesota CORE Crews for helping in the long clean up and Leave No Trace morning that followed the burn – of course we left it all clean!

Enough now with the words, immerse yourself in the intense atmosphere of the burn of Stairway to Heaven, and enjoy the burn!


Photo credits for this blog post: Dubail Sylvain, Igua Gamboa, Massimo Burgio, Pauline Dahyot, Hervé Petitjean.

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