French CORE Crew: Introducing Igua

french-core-logoAfter the recent French CORE Team video by Pauline, Benoit and Alexandre, today we introduce one of the non-French members of our crew, Igua, from Zaragoza (Spain) living in Madrid (also Spain).
In her video contribution for the project’s fundraising on Indiegogo she explores the concept behind Stairway to Heaven, and draws a line between snails, trees, burners, cargo cult and… aliens! Let’s watch Igua’s video for Stairway to Heaven.

iguaIgua is also a “virgin burner” who stumbled upon the playa after one year of full commitment and participation to the local Euroburners community. She brought performances, installations and workshops to the many European gatherings of the last year, and has been leading a key part of the Local Purchasing efforts for the organization of Nowhere, the European regional in the desert of Monegros (Spain) that just last week closed its gates (or better said, dismantled and left no trace) after a very successful 10th anniversary edition.

Igua joined late our team, but she is helping in the running of our Indiegogo fundraising campaign and will be with the French CORE Team both in Reno and on the playa before the event, joining the Build Crew for Stairway to Heaven. You’ll be also be able to catch up with her at the French CORE installation site, as Igua also volunteered for day/night shifts, to be part of the Burn Perimeter and of the Leave No Trace Crew! Thank you Igua!

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