French CORE Crew: Introducing Massimo / Burningmax

french-core-logoWe keep up with some new posts to introduce the volunteers of the French CORE Team. After the recent post with Igua, and those with Pauline, Benoit and Alexandre, is now time to introduce Massimo – aka Burningmax. Yes, the same Burningmax who’s been blogging in behalf of the French CORE Team at this blog. And another non-French member of the French CORE Team.

First of all, let us say that the scope of these posts is to have each and every member of our Team reminding you that we have an ongoing, final fundraising campaign on Indiegogo. So here is the video where I explain how much money we are looking forward to raise with the support of our community, for what, and what our plans are also in terms of offsetting our playa carbon footprint. Let’s watch it together!

burningmaxMassimo has been part of the Burning Man community for 10 years, and has a special dedication to the community of Euroburners. Italian, originally from Sicily, he lives mostly in Rome, but travels to and resides often in Spain. Beside of working on personal art installation works at Burning Man, Nowhere and at some of the regional European gatherings, Massimo has been working more and more within the community on collaborative, collective art projects, like the Temple of Transition at Burning Man 2011 with IAM, or Stairway to Heaven with the French CORE Crew. With Stairway to Heaven project, he volunteered straight away for co-leading tasks on Communication, Fundraising and Fire Safety, while also being part of the Build and Burn Crews.

Massimo plays a lead role also among the organization¬†of Nowhere, Burning Man’s official European regional event in the desert of Monegros (Spain), co-leading the Local Purchasing team and running Growing Nowhere, a side project (one of the so-called “outreach projects”) that aims at creating interaction within the Nowhere community and the artistic scene run by local Monegros resident artists and cultural associations.
With his playa name Burningmax, he’s also one of the most popular DJs among the Euroburners community, always on demand for playing closing DJ sets at the main stages not only of the major sound systems camps at Nowhere, but also at European burners gatherings year round, such as London Decompression, Burning Night Paris, Italian Burning Weekend, French Burning Weekend, Barcelona Burning Bush, Brussels Decompression, Irish Decom and more. He played also at a few camps and sound systems at Burning Man, as well as a few electronic music festivals across Europe.

This year on the playa you can catch Massimo/Burningmax among the DJ residents at his camp Love Potion Camp or on art cars in the Esplanade, and with the French CORE Build and Burn Teams both in Reno and on the playa. And oh, also with DPW for set-up and tear-down, and on patrol with the Black Rock Rangers during the event. Too much? Maybe, but this is Massimo’s way to celebrate his 10 years of Burning Man.

Remember to offer your contributions to our Indiegogo fundraising campaign, we are in the last days of the fundraising and just a couple of weeks away to be working in Reno and on the playa. Thank you for your support, keep burning!

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