French CORE Leads Interviewed for the Burning Man Blog

As we anticipated back in April, Stairway to Heaven’s project leads recently met Todd Carpenter (playa name Portaplaya), one of the contributors to the Burning Man blog. Three of the key leads at the French CORE Team hung out with Todd while he was traveling across France, meeting him at their respective home bases in Paris, Dijon and Marseilles, and it all turned into an interview about Stairway to Heaven and the French CORE project.

Being now back home in the US, Todd submitted his article about meeting Stephanie, Dub and Ludo of the French CORE Team, and it has just being published at the Burning Man blog. Thanks Todd, and a big thank you also to everybody at the editorial, content and web teams at the BMHQ.

burning-blog-interview-logoThe article digs also into the private lives of our team members, so we invite you to read it to get to know a bit more Stephanie, Dub and Ludo. And here is another link to follow, if you want to discover all the other French CORE Team members.

Since one of the point of the article is about our concerns with funding the playa project, and the interview dates a couple of months back already, we’ll soon comment to say thank you for the interview and the article, remembering that we now have a “just launched” fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to cover the last part of our project budget: transportation, safety tools and carbon footprint offsetting! All donations are welcome, thanks for your support!

And remember, as Dub said in the interview, “The key is keeping the Burning Man spirit“. Keep burning!