Larry Harvey Meets the French Burners in Paris!

Larry Harvey, the founder of Burning Man, with Marian Goodell and other members of the Burning man Headquarters, will be visiting Paris for a few days this weekend, and the French Burners are organizing a welcoming event for the Burn Your Sunday series at the now classic peniche La Dame de Canton. Why do we organize everything at La Dame de Canton? First of all because it’s a very cool place, and also because Philippe, the owner of the boat, is a burner!


Come to La Dame de Canton next Sunday May 5th from midday to midnight, and you’ll have the chance to meet Larry Harvey in person! The entrance to the event is free, but the access to the boat will be limited only to 60 people, for capability and security reasons. Please note that if you want to access the limited space in the boat you will need to be part of the french Burners organization (if you are not, you can still enroll at the French Burners site). being a member is a must also because to access the boat you will need a free ticket available from Weezevent, and the link will be sent to the French Burners members via newsletter over the next few days.

la-dame-de-canton-parisThere will be plenty of activities both on the terrace of the boat and on the dock, with many artists from the French Burners community who will showcase a few art installations (including Mobule and Skyline). There will be a chill space available, with projections, workshops, performances, body painting and more. If you want to propose a performance or workshop for the event, you can sign up via Google Doc, but you will also need to write an email to for technical details. More info on the event on Facebook.

A note published after the “Larry Harvey in Paris day”. If you are interested in listening to the interview to Larry Harvey and Marian Goodell at Dame De Canton, here is the full 1hr interview on Youtube. In English, then translated in French to the crowd by the interview moderator. Discover more about the 10 principles, about the Burning Man Project, on the birth of Burning Man, on Larry’s definition of wealth and much, much more!