Point G Fundraising for Stairway to Heaven – Pictures

We recently blogged about the fundraising party French Burners and the French CORE team organized in Paris at Point G, an amazing arty location in South Paris, owned by burners who also manage an artist community building in Montmartre, the Factory. Thank you very much guys for allowing the French CORE crew to invade your place!

The Stairway to Heven fundrising event went very well – we had plenty of fun, managing to gather again the Paris-based French Burners community, who participated with art, music and performance to the event. And we collected some precious funds that will make our project budget looking good now! Thank you very much to everybody, for being there, and for supporting the project! And a big thank you to all the artists musicians, Djs and performers who make it a memorable night! Here are some pictures from the event!


Do you want to support our project? Stay tuned with our blog and Facebook page, we’ll be soon launching the last wave of fundraising using the crowdfunding portal IndieGogo. We’ll be soon announcing the new fundraising campaign, and we look forward to seeing you all keeping supporting Stairway to Heaven at Burning Man 2013!