Spark, A Burning Man Story that Supports Stairway to Heaven

spark-thumbnailBy now all burners around the world have heard about Spark – A Burning Man Story, one of the latest cinematographic efforts that document the essence and the experience of Burning Man.

Shot between 2010 and 2011, the documentary Spark – A Burning Man Story takes us behind the curtains with Burning Man organizers and participants, showcases a stunning photography and consolidate the myth status of some of the most recent creative, interactive and architectural challenges brought to the playa, like Megatropolis, the Trojan Horse, El Pulpo Mecanico, or the stunning Temple of Transition, true Burning Man’s instant classics.

You still haven’t heard of Spark? Well, then you need to watch its trailer!

With a very selected screening schedule since its release earlier this year (screening at the SXSW Film Festival, the Seattle International Film festival and a few more festival and theaters across the US), the latest film production about Burning Man will finally be available on DVD starting from next month.

In the meantime, the producers of Spark got in touch and partnered with the French CORE team to support our Burning Man 2013 CORE installation and our latest fundraising campaign on Indiegogo, offering 10 copies of the Spark DVD to our Indiegogo supporters! =)

We just created a new fundraising perks, where with just a 60$ donation you can get a copy of the Spark DVD plus contribute to our side environmental project of offsetting playa carbon footprint by planting a tree in Nevada! No, you don’t have to go to Nevada and physically plant a tree, we’ll take care of it through your donation, and we’ll also send to your address a brand new copy of the Spark DVD. And you will support Stairway to Heaven at Burning man 2013!

Thank you to Spark Productions for being a Stairway to Heaven partner! To all our supporters: follow Spark on Facebook for updates on the next documentary screenings, and hurry up! We only have 10 copies of the DVD for you! See you all on the playa, and hopefully on Indiegogo before!