Stairway to Heaven Pre-Build Stage at The Reno Generator

A quick post while we are working hard in Reno, Nevada, for the pre-build stage of Stairway to Heaven. We found a great community of burners and a location of first class to work on the French CORE installation for Burning Man 2013: The Reno Generator. The space is fantastic, very much alive and bursting with the activities of several burners teams working on large scale installations and vehicles for the playa.

The entire space is designed and managed in a full respect of the “burner principles”, that our friends at The Reno Generator creatively remixed to be re-adapted to their community needs. The Reno burners who created and run The Reno Generator define the Reno builders’ hub as “self organized collaborative environment“. Self reliance meets participation/collaboration and community. With creativity on top, enough said…

Thank you Reno Generator for hosting Stairway to Heaven and the French CORE Crew!


Photo credits for this blog post: Dubail Sylvain, Massimo Burgio, The Reno Generator.

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