The Stairway to Heaven Project Soon to be Featured on the Burning Man Blog

burning-blog-logoDo you follow the Burning Man blog? We do, and we like it so much that we added its RSS feed in the footer of our Stairway to Heaven blog, so we can make sure our followers don’t miss their latest cool entries.

If you are a follower of our French CORE project, now you have more reasons to check out the Burning Man blog. Dub and Steff (Stairway to Heaven projects leads), as well as the French CORE project architect Ludo recently met Todd Gardiner, one of Burning Man blog’s contributors, who was traveling across France.

hieroglyph-photography-bannerA dedicated burner and photographer in Black Rock City, Todd will follow and document some of the CORE projects this year at Burning Man. He went out for food and drinks with our team, and he didn’t miss the opportunity to interviewed us about our CORE project.

Todd is planning to publish soon an article for the Burning Man blog about Stairway to Heaven, so we’ll keep you updated! During our meeting, Todd also took a couple of pictures of us, that we are using now as profile pictures for Stephanie and Dub at the Team page of this blog!

More about Todd: Todd is a writer and photographer. Most of the year he does event and theater photography while holding a dull day-job. But he is a long time documenter working for Burning Man, and he created awesome imagery that you can see at his gallery of favorite Burning Man photos. In the meantime – thanks Todd, it’s been a pleasure to meet you!