Support the Stairway to Heaven project on Indiegogo

We are very happy to announce that we successfully closed the first part of our fundraising effort. This will help make Stairway to Heaven, Burning Man’s French CORE project, a reality. The budget that allowed us to go through the first steps of the project is already covered, thanks to the recent fundraising parties in Paris, the Burning Man ticket raffle, a generous contribution from the French Burners organization and a grant we received from Burning Man. Thank you to all our supporters! With the money we raised, we can cover all expenses related to the purchase of wood and building materials, working tools, fire equipment and some expenses for the pre-build stage in Reno.

support-stairway-to-heaven-indiegogoBut the effort is not over, and we still need a little contribution from our community to help us cover the last expenses for the project, mostly transportations costs to move the structure from Reno to Black Rock City (1,500$ approx), and some additional expenses on working tools and fire equipment for the burn (1,000$ approx). So we set up a new fundraising campaign on the popular crowdfunding portal Indiegogo, support us!

Just click on the image here on the left to discover all the details of our fundraising for the French CORE project at Burning Man 2013. Here is also a direct link to the fundraising on Indiegogo, so you can share it with your friends and help us through your social connections! Thank you in advance!

Among the news you’ll find on Indiegogo, you’ll discover that we decided to offset the carbon footprint generated by the French CORE project by planting trees in Nevada.

We know crowdfunding supporters love to get swags, so we got some stuff ready to say thank you to all the supporters to our fundraising: patches, tshirts, even Stairway to Heaven customized EL-wire and DIY construction kits to build your own Stairway to Heaven scale model! But we also ask you to help reach our goal of planting enough trees to offset our carbon emissions. We understand the impact on the environment that we produce by traveling all the way from Europe, building and burning the playa structure, so we decided to calculate our carbon footprint in terms of CO2 emissions, and to offset it by planting trees where we produce the most of the impact, in Nevada.

We calculated our impact on the environment using the online calculator for CO2 emissions provided by Cooling Man, a “cool” project launched by a group of environmentally concerned burners back in 2007, unfortunately apparently closed now. We got inspired by the sustainability attitude anyway, and decided to offset our carbon emissions, and we are asking for your support to reach also this sustainability goal. According to Cooling Man, our playa project will produce about 30 tons of CO2. 5 trees are needed to offset each ton of CO2, so we’ll plant 150 new trees in Nevada! Can you help us?

Not only, we promised and we confirm our promise that, if our fundraising goes beyond our goal, all the extra money will go straight to the tree-planting and carbon offsetting initiative, in order to help offset also some of the CO2 impact generated by our fellow burners. Let’s cover Nevada with trees!!!


In the mean time, please donate to our online campaign, and have fun watching the video we posted on Indiegogo!

Thank you very much to all of you, for following and supporting the French CORE project! <3