Ready for the Installation at Burning Man 2013!

After a few days of hard work in Reno, Nevada, we are ready to go to the Black Rock Desert, and Stairway to Heaven it’s already loaded on the truck and ready to be transported to the playa. And so is our entire French CORE Crew.
Sorry, we were too busy working that we ended up taking not so many pictures – you can certainly imagine the scale of the work for the French CORE project. Anyway, here are some pictures of the French CORE Crew at work, a last minute upload from The Reno Generator‘s wifi, before hopping on the trucks and driving the long desert way to Burning Man 2013!!!

See you on the playa! =)

frenchcore-burningman-reno05frenchcore-burningman-reno06 frenchcore-burningman-reno07frenchcore-burningman-reno08

Photo credits for this blog post: Dubail Sylvain, Igua Gamboa, Massimo Burgio.

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