Stairway to Heaven Pictures from the Playa – The Build

Our French CORE Crew is just back from Burning Man 2013, and we cannot wait to start sharing with our supporters and friends some pictures of Stairway to Heaven on the playa! To complete the project our Crew had to face many challenges, but the successful result of the French CORE project deserved every drop of our energy – it was definitely worth the stress of working understaffed, under the desert sun and dust storms, and in the generally harsh conditions of the Black Rock Desert, not to talk about working under very tight deadlines!
When we’ll meet at future Burning Man, French Burners and Nowhere community events, if you spot a member of the French CORE Crew, go say hi! and ask them to tell you some of the amazing and pretty intense stories from the playa of the now legendary Stairway to Heaven! =)

First set of pictures from the playa – the build of Stairway to Heaven! 


More pictures from the playa build days of Stairway to Heaven have been posted on Facebook – here is a snapshot of the entire album. If you like any of the images and would like to click/zoom to see details, just, go check the originals pictures on Facebook!


Don’t forget to check out also our other blog post with pictures of Stairway to Heaven during the event, and the one with pictures from the burn of Stairway to Heaven!

Photo credits for this blog post: Dubail Sylvain, Igua Gamboa, Massimo Burgio, Cecile Hillairet.

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