50 Shades of Green at Canapa Mundi Lite in Rome (again)

Mag 30, 2019

I’m very proud to announce another appointment with 50 Shades of Green, and a new date in the 2019-2020 exhibition tour of the installation. 50 Shades of Green is coming back to Rome, for the new event created by the same organization who runs the cannabis trade show Canapa Mundi, Canapa Mundi Lite.

Canapa Mundi Lite will be presented on May 31 / June 1-2 at the Città dell’Altra Economia, a space dedicated to alternative economy and sustainable culture, included in the area of ex-Mattatoio in Rome Testaccio, an area that is also one of the hot zones in Rome for contemporary culture. Not only the complex of the ex-Mattatoio includes two contemporary art spaces (MACRO testaccio and Palaexpo/La Pelanda) and hosts the Academy of Arts of Rome, but the entire Testaccio area is one of the roman neighbourhoods with the highest concentration of amazing works of street art.

Among the other “things” included in the ex-Mattatoio area that will be hosting Canapa Mundi Lite there is also Villaggio Globale, the autonomous zone that hosted the first production steps of the 50 Shades of Green project. So we can definitely say that 50 Shades of Green is coming back home.

While Canapa Mundi is a “classic” cannabis trade show, with exhibitors and all, Canapa Mundi Lite is an event dedicated to cannabis culture, and will feature workshops, talks, music, games, a chillout/vape area, and of course art, with the new installation of 50 Shades of Green. The artwork and its olfactory experience will be interacting not only with the event participants, but also with the other activities in the event program. More specifically, every day a yoga workshop will be organized in the area occupied by 50 Shades of Green, as the yoga teacher will be presenting “yoga with cannabis terpenes” sessions.

As usual, I will be posting soon new blog articles with photo galleries from the event, but in the meantime enjoy some first pictures taken right after I completed the installation. See you at Canapa Mundi Lite!




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