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Catching up with the Cali Terpenes crew in Bologna

Among the nice things that happened during the exhibition in Bologna, the best one was meeting in person with the Cali Terpenes crew, the project partner that has been supporting 50 Shades by providing their liquid treasure: cannabis terpenes.

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Happy Cannabis Terpenes Noses in Bologna

I have already published four photo galleries of 50 Shades of Green at Indica Sativa Trade in Bologna: a small one with pictures from the preparation and installation work, one with the installation is fully set up, another one of happy people...

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More pictures from Indica Sativa Trade 2019

Liked the photo gallery of 50 Shades of Green at Indica Sativa Trade I published a few days ago, and the other photo gallery of happy people in Bologna? Then I'm sure you will enjoy this third photo gallery of panoramic pictures from the...

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50 Shades of People at Indica Sativa Trade

As I already did after the exhibition in Rome, here is also a dedicated photo gallery of some of the happy people who decided to give 50 Shades of Green... a sniff, and engaged with the colorful tunnel. Enjoy the happy people gallery!...

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Happy 4:20 on 4/20 from 50 Shades of Green

It's April 20, it's 4:20PM, it's even Saturday, and a nice sunny day. What the hell are you waiting for? Roll it up and smoke that shit! Happy 420 everybody from 50 Shades of Green! And enjoy the video we shared on social media for the occasion!...

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Setting up the installation at Indica Sativa Trade 2019

Setting up the 50 Shades of Green installation for its second exhibition at Indica Sativa Trade 2019 it's not been easy at all. I have been working for 48 hours steady, four times the effort needed to set up the installation at its first showcase...

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Happy People at 50 Shades of Canapa Mundi

A new photo gallery of 50 Shades of green at Canapa Mundi, this time packed with happy people experiencing the colorful tunnel and the olfactory menus of cannabis terpenes provided by 50 Shades of Green. Couples, groups, single visitors, kids...

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50 Shades of Green at Canapa Mundi [photogallery]

After several months in production with 50 Shades of Green, the first exhibition of the artwork finally happened, with a three-day showcase at the Rome-based cannabis trade show Canapa Mundi. In brief, I'm very happy with the exhibition: plenty of...

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50 Shades of Green @ Canapa Mundi 2019 [press releases]

Click the button below to download the press release announcing the launch of the 50 Shades of Green project, and the first exhibition at the Canapa Mundi trade show in Rome. Cliccate il pulsante in basso per scaricare il comunicato stampa che...

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50 Shades of Green + Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum

This morning some exciting news added to the already excited mood of getting closer and closer to 50 Shades of Green's first exhibition at Canapa Mundi, opening next week in Rome. The Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum has accepted the donation of the...

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Terpenes Testing at Studio Miscetti in Rome

I want to say thank you to Studio Stefania Miscetti for allowing me to work for an afternoon at their contemporary art space in Trastevere, Rome. Studio Miscetti is a very well known contemporary art gallery not only in Rome but also...

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BeLeaf Magazine: Media Partnership and first Interview

I'm very happy to announce the first media partnership with one of the major cannabis culture magazines in Italy, BeLeaf Magazine. BeLeaf will be following 50 Shades of Green during its tour, publishing news at each new presentation of the art...

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Cannabis Terpenes: The Olfactory Experience

With the main installation piece already completed, it's time to work with the cannabis terpenes. The guys at Cali Terpenes, technical partner of 50 Shades of Green, sent the first terpenes last week for the first olfactory tests, and the other...

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More Washing Machine Colouring for the Shades

Back to the launderette, for an additional session of colouring. Unfortunately some of the shades were not close to the colors I was looking for. Basically one out of four shades needed a more intense colour, so I spent another couple of days (and...

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First Official Media Mentions | La Repubblica and more

Even if I still haven't officially announced the 50 Shades of Green project, yesterday some local media started talking about its participation to the Rome-based hemp trade show Canapa Mundi. This is mostly because Canapa Mundi, who's also a...

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Full-Day Production Session at Villaggio Globale

After the sewing and coloring production stages, 50 Shades of Green has finally set foot at Villaggio Globale. Last Saturday, thanks to the help of a few burner friends - Julissa, Matilde and Robert - we managed to prepare all the shades for the...

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The Coloring Stage is now Complete

The coloring stage of the textiles that are at the core of the 50 Shades of Green installation is finally completed. it took several days, several industrial grade washing machines, hundreds of cycles of wash and dry, and a huge amount of coins,...

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Color Strategy: from Brushes to Washing Machines

This is weird, a bit amusing, but also very intriguing at the same time. Over my 30+ years of artistic production I have used several media, and several ways to use colors - from the obvious brushes (for regular painting as well as Jackson...

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Production Kick-off: Cutting and Sewing Textiles

I'm excited to announce that the actual production of 50 Shades of Green has finally started. I have collected the textiles I ordered a few days ago, and spent three days working in a tailor shop in Rome, cutting and sewing and physically starting...

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New Technical Partner for the Project: CANNA Marketing

Another great announcement for a new supporter of the project, and another big thank you to the team at CANNA Marketing, the Rome-based online marketing agency focused on supporting clients in the hemp / cannabis industry. CANNA Marketing offered...

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Say Hola! to our Technical Partner: Cali Terpenes

After the first two show confirmations in Rome and Bologna, here come more amazing news: 50 Shades of Green has a new technical partner on board, and a key one, Cali Terpenes. Cali Terpenes, based in Barcelona, Spain, is the major European...

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New (and Final) Project Design: Mock-ups

As I pointed out in one of the first articles of this blog, there have been a few radical changes in the final 50 Shades of Green design, if compared to the first draft of the artwork. First of all, the range of colors changed, as the colors used...

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Second Exhibition / Sponsor: Indica Sativa Trade Bologna

With the confirmation of the second exhibition venue and sponsor for the 50 Shades of Green project, the exhibition tour starts taking shape. I'm very happy to announce that Indica Sativa Trade, the major cannabis industry trade show in Italy, has...

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Searching for the right Industrial Hemp Fabric

In the original idea, 50 Shades of Green would have been developed using pure hemp fabric, but unfortunately I had to drop the idea, after a very long, unsuccessful research. Italy was, since the renaissance times and until world war II, a prime...

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Project Inspiration #1: Cannabis Culture (of course)

Cannabis has always been an inspiration for artists - mostly in literature, music and performing arts, but also in all other fields of creativity. With 50 Shades of Green I wanted to pay a tribute to the plant that has inspired generations of...

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Project Design: Early Mock-ups

I've started planning for the 50 Shades of Green installation in August 2018 and, as usual, I've designed a few sketches of the artwork. I always do it, even when I work on monochromatic works but, in this case, I really wanted to have a visual of...

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