Terpenes Testing at Studio Miscetti in Rome

Feb 5, 2019

I want to say thank you to Studio Stefania Miscetti for allowing me to work for an afternoon at their contemporary art space in Trastevere, Rome.

Studio Miscetti is a very well known contemporary art gallery not only in Rome but also internationally, and I had the pleasure to run a few collaborations with them over time, supporting the gallery in their communication needs, and in the organization of a few events. Since I knew the gallery space was in-between exhibitions this week, I called them to ask if I could have use their space for some of the last testing operations before the exhibition of 50 Shades of Green at Canapa Mundi.

This was a last step in the production of 50 Shades of Green, and the pristine gallery space of the Trastevere gallery was exactly what I needed. At first I studied a quick solution for shortening the shades, as the installation space I got granted at Canapa Mundi unfortunately has not very high ceilings.

After a few tries using velcro strips, being pretty happy with it, I moved on with the testing of terpenes on fabric, to figure out how long the scent last before evaporating at all. I have plenty of cannabis terpenes, kindly provided by Cali Terpenes, technical partner of the project, but I used only one for the testing – one of my favorite strains: Amnesia.

Since Cali Terpenes’ products come in little bottles, I needed to transfer the terpene to a small glass spray bottle, the kind used for perfumes (I bought 15 of them, so terpenes will not be mixed). Then I sprayed the beautiful Amnesia smell on one of the shades, and… waited and smelled, smelled and waited.

The session of terpenes testing went well, with terpenes being “smellable” up to 3 hours from spraying them on the shades. It has been a productive afternoon in a very nice hosting space, and I can now say that I’m ready for Canapa Mundi. See you at the exhibition next week!




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