First Exhibition (and Sponsor) Confirmed: Canapa Mundi Rome

Nov 16, 2018

It took just a phone call, followed by an email and a meeting, and Canapa Mundi, one of the most important cannabis trade shows in Italy and definitely the major actor in the Rome cannabis cultural space, booked me in with the 50 Shades of green project for their upcoming event in February 2019. Awesome!!!

Since I live in Rome, I’m very happy that the 50 Shades of Green exhibition tour kicks off from my own town, and the logistics of installing the artwork will benefits from it. I’m also very proud of the fact that I will be part of Canapa Mundi 2019 because, again, Canapa Mundi is one of the most important hemp industry and cannabis cultural hubs in Italy.

The guys behind the organization of the Rome-based trade show also run Hemporium, the first and the most successful grow shop and dispensary in Rome, and BeLeaf Magazine, a monthly publication dedicated to cannabis culture. Besides of all of it, their team is also pretty cool, and very friendly.

As a hosting event for the 50 Shades of Green project and art installation, Canapa Mundi is also the first official sponsor of the 50 Shades of Green project, as “the deal” with hosting events is that they take at their charge all costs related to transporting, installing and disassembling the artwork, and also support the production of the project with a small but helpful financial contribution. When Canapa Mundi was asked to support the project’s cost they just said “sure, count on us”. Thank you Canapa Mundi, you rock!!!

Canapa Mundi will take place in Rome from February 15 to February 17, 2019 – don’t miss it! I will be working on setting up the installation on February 13 and 14, so 50 Shades of green will be my official date for Valentine’s Day. While I’m mostly focused on the artwork production these days, as we get closer to the event I will be talking more about Canapa Mundi and their amazing program of cannabis culture initiatives during the trade show days.

Stay tuned, and thank you again Canapa Mundi for being the first sponsor to believe in the 50 Shades of Green project and to support my latest incredible art adventure!




50 Shades of Green - a cannabis inspired art installation project by Burningmax





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