Thank You to the Milan Sponsors: CDB Good + Claso

Set 26, 2019

As mentioned several times across this website, 50 Shades of Green is not a commercial project. The art installation is not for sale, and the artwork will be donated to Amsterdam/Barcelona-based Hash, Marihuana and Hemp Museum after its exhibition tour. The artist doesn’t ask for artist’s fees for each exhibition, even if getting the installation in an exhibition space generally requires a lot of physical work (two days to set-up, one day to tear down).

Up to now such installation-related costs, as well as the cost of travel + transportation of the artwork, are covered by the hosting cannabis trade show, which made them instantly sponsors of 50 Shades of Green. Thank you again Canapa Mundi, Indica Sativa Trade and Canapa Mundi Lite!

Salone Internazionale della Canapa in Milan, at its third edition this year and still operating on start-up budgets, couldn’t afford to cover the cost, but its organizers really wanted to include the olfactory experience of the installation in this year’s edition of the Milan cannabis show. So they managed to get a sponsor for 50 Shades of Green at Salone della Canapa, actually two! Thank you to CBD Good and Claso for your support!

CBD Good is one of the top legal cannabis and CBD shops in Milan, with a central shop location where you can find all your favorite hemp and CBD products, from legal cannabis and CBD oil to CBD vaporizers and vape pens, CBD crystals, CBD cosmetics, CBD teas and infusions, and even hemp treats for your pets!

CBD Good deserves more than a mention as a sponsor, as Giuseppe, the shop owner, has been really supportive and helpful also during the days of set up of the installation, coming to the trade show location to help setting up 50 Shades of Green, and even bringing pizza as we have been working long hours with no breaks, and we really needed some food! Thank you Giuseppe! By the way, here is a picture of him, while playing hide and seek with the art installation!

The other sponsor for 5o Shades of green in Milan is the Piedmont-based wine company Claso. The guys at Claso, after a long experience in producing high quality wines such as Barbera and Moscato d’Asti, decided to dedicate a part of their land also to the production of legal cannabis, that they sell to cannabis companies and distributors, but also put directly on the market under their own brand Lady Weed.

One thing that makes Claso’s cannabis production unique is that they have engineered an innovative new cannabis strain, Wine Weed, a cannabis production that is based on biodynamic techniques and that put together wine and weed, promising a smoking and flavour experience that allows to enjoy both the aroma of cannabis terpenes and the flavour of red wine tannins, thanks to their proprietary, patented production process. I still haven’t had the pleasure to try Claso’s wine weed, as right now we are still in the harvesting period, and it will take a couple of months for the next batch of wine weed to be ready – but I won’t miss the opportunity to taste it!

Thank you to Marianna (the company’s owner) and to Giuseppe (her business counterpart) for the support! I still haven’t met Marianna, but I had the pleasure to meet Giuseppe, and of course I took a picture of him under the 50 Shades of Green tunnel!

If you want to know more about CBD Good and Claso, visit their respective websites at and, or check out the press releases we sent to announce 50 Shades of Green’s participation to Salone Internazionale della Canapa 2019.




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