French CORE Crew: Introducing Pauline, Benoit et Alexandre

french-core-logoToday we continue to introduce some of the key members of the French CORE team, those who have dedicated plenty of time, energy and passion to the project since the early days of planning.

We already introduced Ludo, the project’s Lead Architect, and today is time to introduce Pauline, Benoit and Alexandre. Let’s do it with their own video contributions for Stairway to Heaven’s current fundraising campaign on Indiegogo – here in full version, while only some segments made it to the final editing for the Indiegogo video.

pauline-benoit-alexandrePauline, Benoit and Alexandre are “virgin burners” who have been planning to go to Burning man for many years now, and this year they finally went for it with a full collaborative spirit, joining the French CORE team since the beginning. Alexandre and Benoit are brothers, and Benoit and Pauline are a couple, so they are participating as family to our team!

Pauline is the designer of our French CORE logo, and of some of the design work – stickers, patches, tshirts and more, while Benoit has been working closely with his brother Alexandre for managing the project’s social media networks – Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and also contributed a lot on the set up of our latest Indiegogo fundraising campaign. The three of them helped a lot in the organization of the Paris-based fundraising events, with Alexandre who also shot and edited videos, and created some of the 3D rendering of the structure, plus some animation jobs such as the one for the French CORE logo.

Pauline, Benoit and Alexandre will not be able to help build the structure in Reno and on the playa, as they will arrive in Black Rock City on Sunday before the event – but you will be able to catch up with them at Stairway to Heaven, as they all volunteered for day/night shifts at the structure, as well as for the Burn Perimeter and Leave No Trace Crews! Good job, guys! And thank you for all your input on this project!

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