More Stairway to Heaven Fundraising Parties in Paris

Last week we announced the fundraising event for Stairway to Heaven organized in Paris at La Dame de Canton, and today we are happy to announce another social gathering and party that will allow to raise more funds for our French CORE project for Burning Man 2013. It’s going to be a very cool party you should really plan to attend if you live in the Paris area.


Next Stairway to Heaven fundraising party is the Burningmax Party, a full club and DJ night at the O’Mantra Club in Paris (Saint German des Pres), on Thursday April 25, right after the fundraising party at La Dame de Canton. The event sees Burningmax, one of our French CORE crew member, banging underground techno beats while headlining an event that will showcase also other DJs from the French Burners community, such as Cocc(i) with her electrotrash and dubstep sounds, and Gagarin Beats, with his trance-infused beats. Maurice, the patron of O’Mantra Club, will gift 10% of the income from the evening to fund Stairway to Heaven. Thank you, Maurice!