Stairway To Heaven featured at Magazine

ignite-me-logoLast week, when part of our crew was lost in the dust of the Monegros desert for the Nowhere European regional burn, we have been pleased to see an interview to the French CORE team at Burning Man 2013 going live at, the burners’ online magazine we all love.

The interview has been proposed by Pamela Stewart, one of the main contributors to, who got in touch with our team via our Facebook page, asking us to answer to a few questions for an article. Thanks Pamela for reaching out!

The questions Pamela asked to our team were:

  • Can you tell us about your life as a city planner and civil engineer? What kind of projects do you work on and how has your career helped you in planning Stairway to Heaven?
  • Larry Harvey and Marian Goodell came to Paris recently; that must have been very exciting for you. Many burners would love to have the opportunity to sit down with the founders. How did you show them what it means to be French burners?
  • America needs some French inspiration. You have such a great culture and appreciation for art, fabulous food and wine. Burning Man is probably the finest example of the best our culture has to offer. What memories of Burning Man stuck in your heart and gave you a warm feeling about our world?
  • Stairway to Heaven is surreal and beautiful. Can you really reach heaven? What if people go to the top and just disappear into another world, do you think it is possible? Or do you think it is more likely they will be distracted by that wine barrel and want to have a glass of French wine?
  • The logistics for this project must be difficult, since you are an ocean away. I suppose you must have to purchase all your supplies over here and build it. How do you plan to do this?
  • What kind of fundraisers are you putting on to help build Stairway to Heaven? Do many French people know about Burning Man?
  • What was your favorite experience from Burning Man, and what surprised you the most about the festival?
  • The renderings of Stairway to Heaven are beautiful – the spiral form is one that people are naturally drawn towards because it is present in nature. How did you and your C.O.R.E. group come up with the concept of Stairway to Heaven and what was the inspiration?
  • Are the spaces in a building or art installation just as important as the solid parts, and what do you envision happens in those spaces or how does light play its way into your work?
  • What kind of projects do you usually work on in your professional career?
  • You’ve been attending Burning Man for a while now. What originally attracted you to travel so far to the desert for this festival?
  • You’ve worked on some installations, including working with the fantastic Flaming Lotus Girls. What did you learn from these great people, that will help you with this project?
  • We hear that you are going to have some amazing music playing, can you tell us about it? Also, we read that you have the perfect song for the Burning Man theme, the Serge Gainsbourg song Cargo Culte. Can you explain for those who don’t know, the meaning?

Stephanie, Dub, Ludo and Massimo answered to all the questions – curious to know what the answers were? Check out the interview on! And don’t forget to support our last fundraising campaign on Indiegogo!