Support Stairway to Heaven on KissKissBankBank!

kkbbUPDATE: The fundraising campaign on KissKissBankBank closed last week, and unfortunately didn’t go well – but we are organizing new fundraising parties and events, online and offline, so stay tuned! Anyway, here follows our original post, in case you are curious to know about it! =)

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Our primary fund collection is currently taking place online at the fundraising portal KissKissBankBank. KissKissBankBank, a French crowdfunding portal, works like all other more famous US-based fundraising sites such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo and the likes.

If you want to support a project you can pledge any amount of money, literally from 1 Euro/Dollar to whatever you feel or can afford to donate. Your credit card will be charged but, in case the fundraising won’t get to its goal in the time allocated for the campaign, your credit card will be fully refunded. So basically you won’t give away your money for something that has no resources to happen, but only to a project that, thatnks to your generous donation, will be able to see the light.

Click on the image here here above to join our community of supporters that is helping us bringing a touch of French art and culture at Burning Man 2013.