A Call To Participation to All Monegros Artists

After years of interaction between Nowhere and The Monegros, and after many residents of the area have already participated in the festival, Growing Nowhere is finally officially born, and launches an official call for all artists of the Monegros community to participate in the event of the Ruta Jubierre.

Thanks to the support and collaboration of Comarca Monegros, we are just about to organize a meeting with all the organizations and cultural/artistic associations operating in The Monegros. We´ll give you more info on this meeting very, very soon.

By now, we can announce that the Nowhere organization dedicated many resources to encourage the participation of local Monegros artists to the Nowhere festival. There are discount tickets for local Monegros residents, a whole infrastructure to help artists to present their work, art grants and, of course, the new project Growing Nowhere, where artists from Monegros can find direct support and answers to all their questions related to their participation to Nowhere.

Follow the Growing Nowhere blog for more info about the next meetings planned with Comarca Monegros to boost the participation of all artists from Monegros! We also invite you to check out the page of this blog dedicated with a presentation of the Growing Nowhere project! Let’s start planning your participation to Nowhere 2013!