Growing Nowhere presented to Comarca Monegros

_consejo_monegros_ac5cd928A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure to present the Nowhere festival and the Growing Nowhere project in Sariñena, in the conference room of Comarca Monegros. The presentation, supported by Presidencia and Oficina de Turismo of the Comarca, put together some among the  cultural and artistic associations of Los Monegros, with participants from Villanueva, Sena and Sariñena. Among the participants, the Asociación Empresarial de Monegros and journalists from Diario del Alto Aragon, who published an article about the meeting – you can read the article on the web or read it entirely in pdf version (in Spanish).

The meeting has been very interesting for both the attendees, who asked many questions, and the Growing Nowhere team, who appreciated the interaction among all participants. During the meeting, all goals of Growing Nowhere have been discussed, from the basic one of getting more Monegros’ artists involved in an active participation to the festival, to the goal of integrating the artistic community of Nowhere in the Monegros cultural scene.

Have we been convincing enough, and did we generate enough inspiration to see a strong local participation to this year’s festival? We’ll see, Nowhere starts in a few weeks, and all Monegros residents can access the festival with a special discount ticket. More info at our website!