Exploring the Nowhere Art Archives

Do you want to see all the artworks presented at Nowhere so far? Now it´s available the Nowhere Art Archive, an archive with pictures, descriptions and even the locations of the artworks at Nowhere since 2003. All in one map, kindly provided by Bing.

nowhere-artwork-3 nowhere-artwork-2 nowhere-artwork-4 nowhere-artwork-1

The archive, created less than one month ago, is not complete yet. We have asked all artists to send us all pictures that might be missing and we´re still working on that. Anyway, the archive already offers a very interesting panoramic of the big diversity of the works of art which are the core of the event in Monegros desert. Art for all tastes! To know more about art at Nowhere, we invite you to explore the Nowhere Art Archive at the page www.goingnowhere.org/artarchive/archive.htm.