For the tenth anniversary of Nowhere festival, we are proud to present a project of interaction with the artistic and cultural community of Los Monegros. Growing Nowhere is a project created thanks to the support of Comarca Monegros, and it will take shape thanks to the direct participation of the cultural and artistic organizations and associations operating in Los Monegros. As we like to say, Growing Nowhere is in fact “a cultural and artistic interaction project in / for / with the Monegros’ artistic community“.

The first goal of the project is to organize a meeting with all the artistic and cultural associations / organizations operating in the territory of Comarca Monegros. During this meeting we will present the international community of artists that creates Nowhere together with the principles to which we adhere. However, the most important part of this meeting will be to get to know the activities and work carried out by the local Monegros cultural and artistic associations, so that we can pinpoint the ways in which both artistic communities can interact.

We want to develop a long term relationship with the artistic community of Los Monegros. To do so, the first step is to stimulate Los Monegros’ artists to participate in the Nowhere festival with art project. This could be an unique opportunity for local artists to make their art known to an international community. Besides, they can do it  by accessing art grants and a special discount ticket to the festival. More info on the opportunity to participate to the festival are available at this post which is a call to all local Monegros artists to participate at Nowhere.

Following up from local participation at the festival, we aim at creating a connection between the participating local Monegros artists and the international community of Nowhere, hopefully inspiring new collaborative projects. We look forward for this creative interaction to happen during the next edition of Nowhere (July 9-14, 2013).

If we look at Growing Nowhere from a temporal perspective, we could say that the last goal of the project is to make the international community of Nowhere artists and their art available to the Comarca Monegros and all the cities of the region. We are already proposing to all City Halls (Ayuntamientos) across Monegros to consider the participation of Nowhere artists in the many public fiestas that fills the calendar of local events. Ayuntamientos can integrate in their cultural offer many international Nowhere artists, who will be happy to bring their music, art, installations and performances with no fees, provided that the requesting City Halls will pay for artists’ travel and accommodation.

We just started putting together a list of available artists from the Nowhere community.  We will complete the list during this year’s festival and we will provide it to the City Halls of all cities across Los Monegros.

If you want to now more about the Growing Nowhere project, keep following our blog!