Stairway to Heaven on the Playa

Just a few pictures of our French CORE installation completed for Burning Man 2013. We hope you had the time to discover, climb and interact with Stairway to Heaven on the playa, but in case you didn’t we also have for you a couple of panoramic pictures taken from the top of the structure, so you will feel like you actually climbed it! Enjoy Stairway to Heaven before we burn it! It will last only for 4 days before the CORE Burn on Thursday!


Photo credits for this blog post: Igua Gamboa, Massimo Burgio.

Do you have pictures of Stairway to Heaven on the playa? Please send it to our French CORE team – the easiest way to send your pictures to us, would be posting them to the French CORE Fan Page on Facebook. Thank you, and stay dusty!

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