The LUNG-TA project is composed by 4 different variations of the art installation:

Lung-ta Memorial – main installation, site-specific and covid memorial, created for the collective exhibition “Il Cadavere Squisito #21” at T.A.G. Gallery of Rome. Find all info about Lung-ta Memorial at this link.

Lung-ta Remixed – site-specific installation created for the “Contact” event at Together Mansion in Rome, on the occasion of Rome Art Week 2021. Find all info about Lung-ta Remixed at this link.

Lung-ta Street Art – various street art interventions located in various locations in the city of Rome. Find all info about Lung-ta Street Art on this page.

Lung-ta Temple – temple / sacred space to be built in the desert of Los Monegros (Spain) for Nowhere 2022, the official festival of the European Burning Man community. Find all info about Lung-ta Temple at this link.

Creating a street art intervention with the prayer flags of the main installation Lung-ta Memorial was one of the first hypotheses of reuse of prayer flags after the installation work at the Tiber Art Gallery, as a form of “recycling” of the surgical masks. The very first hypothesis was to burn them, as per the Tibetan tradition; hypothesis immediately discarded since the plastic material of which they are composed can be highly toxic to the environment if burned.

But the volume of masks used for the Lung-ta Memorial installation would have been too large for a street art intervention, and the fact that the project was also partially funded by the European Burning Man community was the determining factor for the final reuse of the prayer flags, that of the future realization of the Lung-ta Temple for Nowhere 2022, the official festival of the Burning Man European community, where prayer flags will become part of a “sacred space” for the community, in the classic tradition of Burning Man Temples.

In addition to re-use for the temple at Nowhere 2022, about a thousand surgical masks will be used in the installation Lung-ta Remixed, created for the Room Beats event at Together Mansion on the occasion of Rome Art Week 2021. But Lung-ta Remixed will last only one day, and the masks used at the Together Mansion will still flow into the creation of the Lung-ta Temple.

There is therefore always room for a street art intervention. After all, Tibetan prayer flags are intended as a stable element in the places where they are installed, where they will let be and bless until they are consumed by the interaction with natural elements. The two days of exhibition at the T.A.G. gallery, as well as the day of use at Together Mansion don’t do justice to the spirit of the prayer flags, and neither does the use in the Lung-ta Temple for Nowhere, albeit for a sacred space and for the week of the festival in the Los Monegros desert.

So, armed with flags / masks, Burningmax wandered around Rome for a day, delivering permanent street art interventions in some of his favorite neighborhoods in Rome. You can see the interventions of Lung-ta Street Art in the photo gallery below.

Here are some pictures of the street art interventions made for Lung-ta Street Art in various locations around Rome. The street art interventions will be implemented gradually, and the locations chosen by Burningmax are: Esquilino, Celio, Monti, Tiburtino, San Lorenzo, Pigneto, Casilino, Torpignattara, San Saba, Testaccio, Ostiense, Garbatella, EUR e Lido di Ostia. Follow the photo gallery below to keep discovering all the Rome street art interventions as they are carried out.

Burningmax | Lung-ta Street Art Rome
Burningmax | Lung-ta Street Art Rome
Massimo Burgio / Burningmax is a multidisciplinary Italian artist who expresses himself creatively with various media since the late 1980s, moving from photography to electronic music production to contemporary art installations, with a predilection for land art and conceptual art fueled by “artivism”, which is social, environmental, cultural and political activism through art.

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