Explore some of my art projects, at least those projects I managed to recover and digitalize.

Exhibitions, art installations, land art, collective / Burning Man art, my early works, some photography, film-making, haiku poetry and music, of course.

Latest art project

Check out LUNG-TA, my latest art installation work that turned out to be a platform for 4 different projects:

LUNG-TA Memorial, a site-specific installation and covid memorial project for the T.A.G. Gallery in Rome.

LUNG-TA Remixed, a site-specific installation for the Together Mansion in Rome, also part of the official program of RAW 2021 - Rome Art Week.

LUNG-TA Temple, a sacred space for the Nowhere 2022 festival in the Spanish desert of Los Monegros.

LUNG-TA Street Art, a series of street art interventions around the city of Rome.

For more info, check out the LUNG-TA project website with plenty of info and photo galleries.