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For bookings and more you can contact me via email at or using the form below.

I don’t charge artist fees to play at festivals, and all invitations are always welcome, specially if from the alternative scene, and of course from the burner world.

The sets I embed on this blog are also posted on my accounts on SoundCloud (my production and remixes) and MixCloud (live and studio DJ sets), where you can also direct message me and comment on the sessions.

You can also find me on social media networks, I have my “classic” pages on Facebook and Instagram, but I’m getting pretty sick of it and I’m gradually moving my content to Mastodon and Ello.

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burningmax-welcome-sidebarSo you want to know about me, hein? Just let me say that music is the soundtrack to my life, it has always been. I’m always been into music since a was a kid, starting DJing in radio stations when I was 15. I always bought music, since 1978 that I can remember, and of course my record collection is huge: vinyl, CDs, digital music – I even have some cassettes in my collection! While I will post mostly dance / electronic / techno music on this blog, I listen and play any sort of tunes, including rock and punk guitars, or ambient, and pretty much everything in the middle.

Back in the days, I always shared my music finds with friends by recording mixtapes, and later on CD mixes or compilations. So I guess the DJ and studio mixes I share online today are pretty much the evolution of those cassette mixtapes, with some additional mixing skills. Call it a DJ podcasting, if you prefer.

DJ Sonic is not dead. Now goes as Burningmax. DJ Sonic has been my DJ name for a very long time and up to before hitting the Burning Man playa for the first time in 2003. That plate you see in the picture is a real California vehicle plate from the RV I owned in San Francisco, a silver shiny warrior house on wheels that took me to Burning Man three times and all across California and the South West of the United States. DJ Sonic burned in the desert, and morphed into Burningmax!

As Burningmax, I have been DJing for the last 10 years at festivals, private parties, at Burning Man, Nowhere, and dozens of other burners events worldwide. In case you wonder, this is where my “playa name” Burningmax comes from! By the way, check out my early burner blog (not very updated), or the section of this website where you can explore my other Burning Man ventures, mostly art projects.

Since you are here for the music, I guess that you are probably be more interested in following links to explore my releases of live DJ set and studio recordings. I recently got into production and I already have a couple of unpublished, still “under construction” tunes on the way. Just be patient… in the mean time, I keep skilling up by producing and releasing occasional remixes of other artists’ works, in case you’re interested in checking that out. If you are curious to know which tech gear I use to play music, see this page.

Stay tuned and enjoy the tunes! =)
Massimo aka Burningmax (aka DJ Sonic)

Too lazy to email? Shoot me a message here!

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