All those parties and raves in the Monegros desert.

Burningmax DJ blog

Monegros desert
inspires creativity.
Fucking mosquitoes.

burningmax-haiku by Burningmax

Nowhere is the official european Burning Man event, a true desert playa.

Here are many of my Nowhere sets, mostly from years of DJ residency at Garden of Joy.

Listen, download, share and enjoy. And dance. Headphones or massive speakers recommended, and some playa dust.

  • Nowhere 2019 Sets: Live at KosmoZoo
  • Uplifting Techno Powered by Funktion One :: Nowhere 2017 Live
  • Dark Techno Wave in the Psychedelic Garden :: Nowhere 2017 Live
  • Progressive DayBreak :: Nowhere 2017 Live
  • Burningmax Live @ Nowhere 2016 :: Vintage Techno Rave
  • Burningmax Live :: Acid Friday @ Nowhere 2016
  • Burningmax Live :: Nowhere 2015 4:20 Chillout
  • Burningmax Live :: Nowhere 2014 :: Neverfuckingstop @ The Garden
  • Burningmax Live :: Nowhere 2014 :: Garden of Drama
  • Burningmax Live :: Nowhere 2014 :: Fuck the NO Market
  • Burningmax Live :: Nowhere 2014 :: Neverfuckingstop @ Donut Camp
  • Burningmax Live :: Nowhere 2014 :: 420 Session
  • Burningmax Live at Nowhere :: Trap Set Middle of Nowhere
  • Burningmax Live at Nowhere :: Garden - Asses and Aprons
  • Burningmax Live at Nowhere :: A Night at the Garden of Joy
  • Burningmax 21 :: Radio Werkhaus :: Nowhere X Tribute
  • Burningmax Live at Nowhere :: Garden of Joy Chill
  • Burningmax Live at Nowhere :: Garden of Joy Opening (pre-event)
Burningmax special projects :: Burning Man Sets


All my Burning Man DJ sets, live from Black Rock City and other burners dancefloors.

Burningmax special projects :: F Trilogy


A classic “chill – dance – rave” studio trilogy dedicated to the mighty F word.

Burningmax special projects :: Love / Hate


Exploring the duality of chill and rave with no middle measure. Dedicated to all bipolar ravers.

Burningmax special projects :: Ginix beta Remixes


Three remix versions of a nice tune from the Barcelona-based burner and producer.