Right now I should be in the Monegros desert in Spain at the Nowhere festival, the European Burning Man festival that opens its gates next week, when I would have been DJing at several sound system camps.

I’ve been ready to go for days, but… I had to cancel all plans at the last minute for medical reasons. With a voice in my head telling me “man, in this state you got nowhere to go”.

So here it is, my “Nowhere2Go Mix“, a 3hrs mix with some of the tunes I would have played at the festival. It kicks off with a track I called “the Nowhere song” since I first heard it, and closes with a tribute to an Italian punk band that was playing their 40th anniversary concert the night I was mixing this.

I’m sorry I won’t be playing live at Nowhere, but I know there won’t be lack of music (or djs) at the festival, so I’m not letting anybody down but myself. Enjoy this mix, and get dusty for me too!



Earth Moves (Hidden Spheres Remix) – Francis Harris
Vertigo (Extended Mix) – Warung & Oliver Wickham
Sanctuary (Extended Mix) – BOHEMIAN
G-Venture – Selim Sivade, Meloko & Azzur
Right Here Inside (Steve Kelley Remix) – Pornbugs
If I Can – Tal Fussman
Dreamer – Jules Wells
If You Remember the 90’s You Weren’t There – Third Son
My Definition of Groove (feat. Paris the Black FU) – Quenum
Orchestra Spring – BELLA
Hymn (ANNA Remix) – Len Faki
New Lite (feat. EERA & Keyblade808) – 4evr
Louder Than a Bomb (Disfreq Remix) – Tiga
The Alchemist (Marc Romboy Remix) – Stephan Bodzin & Marc Romboy
SoHo – SRA
Love, Detroit (DJ 3000 Remix) – DJ Godfather
Hold No Groove – Avision
Just Wanna Dance – Aikon
Cosmos – Jim Rivers
Space Like Me – Alex Mendes
Full Steam – Marco Bailey
Immaterial Desires – UrbnMowgli
Meaty Business – Addison Groove
Jukurpa – Deer Jade
Wallace (Dave DK Remix) – Paons
Hanten – Teho & Makoto San
Algo en El Cielo – Eddie Merced
Even Rome Wasn’t Built In a Day – Tal Fussman
Third Act – Oliver Way & Dany Rodriguez
Believe in You (Extended Mix) – RafleSTone
Want Me – Raphael Schön
Positiva – Danny Rodriguez
Insist – Data Plan
Aerath – UN/SER
io Sto Bene – CCCP (Picciony Cover)

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This mix is just for fun and not for commercial use. Copyright for each tune is owned by their respective artists and/or publishers. For more info on copyright see this page.