All my efforts in switching from DJing to producing.

Burningmax DJ blog

A killer beat is on.
Let me add a sick loop to it
and see how it sounds.

burningmax-haiku by Burningmax

It generally starts during a DJ set, when I realize that adding a beat improves a tune.

Then I try it at studio, adding a few loops, and it suddenly becomes a remix.

Listen, download, share and enjoy. And dance. Headphones or massive speakers recommended, with a copyright disclaimer.

  • Burningmax Remix :: Three Point Three (Burningmax Infinite Rework)
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Burningmax special projects :: F Trilogy


A classic “chill – dance – rave” studio trilogy dedicated to the mighty F word.

Burningmax special projects :: Suara Trilogy


Another studio trilogy, this one dedicated to my favorite Barcelona-based techno label.

Burningmax special projects :: In-flight Entertainment


My solution to those long boring flights and trips: make a new mix to creatively kill time.

Burningmax special projects :: Love / Hate


Exploring the duality of chill and rave with no middle measure. Dedicated to all bipolar ravers.