Bedrock’s Ambient Remix of Humate’s 3.2 is a classic massive chilled tune from 90’s Ibiza “balearic” club culture. I recently bumped into this track a couple of times in the same day, so I decided to “drop it” in a recent chillout mix, by slowing it down a lot, and mashing it up with loops and beats from other three tracks: “The Divine” by Aphrohead, “Philharmonic (Definition Remix)” by Alex Flatner + Lopazz, and “Manaka” by Canna.

I loved the outcome, so I’ve decided to work on this track a bit more, throwing in additional layers of beats and sounds using MASCHINE’s loop base – all mashed up and remixed on Traktor S4. The result is a groovier version of 3.2 – introducing “Three Point Three (Infinite Burningmax Rework)”. Enjoy!


A remix/rework of Humate’s 3.2 (Bedrock Ambient Remix) by Burningmax

:: 3.2 (Bedrock Ambient Remix) – Humate
:: The Divine – Aphrohead
:: Philharmonic (Definition Remix) – Alex Flatner + Lopazz
:: Manaka – Canna
:: Handful of beats, pads and loops – MASCHINE

Liked Three Point Three (Infinite Burningmax Rework)?
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This mix is just for fun and not for commercial use. Copyright for each tune is owned by their respective artists and/or publishers. For more info on copyright see this page.