Less than 48 hours after publishing “Everything Is Music”, a rectification is needed here… For as much as I’d love to consider “Everything Is Music” as a track of mine – there’s my voice on it, and I also made the Detroit/Chicago-inspired driving beats – truth is that the song is built around a loop originating from a track on Laurent Garnier’s last album.

It doesn’t matter that many artists create (and sell) “new music” by stealing a sample (or more) from other artists. Not my style, so I need to rectify this, relabelling the track from “Burningmax Production” to “Burningmax Remix”, and giving full attribution and credits, as it is the right thing to do. “Everything Is Music” is one of those remixes that totally change the nature of the original track, in this case also the lyrics. Yet, still falls into the remix category, for the use of that loop.

So, forget “Burningmax – Everything Is Music”, and welcome “Laurent Garnier – Multiple Tributes (Burningmax Everything Is Music Rework)”. The track is still the same, but I updated the cover, of course… Thank you Laurent for being a constant source of inspiration!

This is not a commercial production. My remix is out here for people to appreciate it, as well as to appreciate Laurent Garnier’s music – but the remix is not going to be for sale nor available for download. All copyright credits go to Laurent Garnier and his publisher (still him, with his label COD3 QR). I keep the credits for the voice track, creativity in the track’s rework, and cover art design. For more info on copyright see this page.


Here is my latest track straight out of Burningmax production, and this time is personal! Meaning, first time I put my voice in a mix, and I also went kind of personal with the lyrics – or let’s just call it the voice track.

By the way, the voice track has been recorded on mu cell phone, with very little post-production, and I understand it should be processed (and maybe compressed) a bit more. Hence, let’s put this track out there as demo for now.

Yes is a demo, but it’s also mastered, and highly danceable. Just press play, enjoy, dance, share and remember: Everything Is Music. You are music too…