Exploring dub, drum’n’bass, dubstep, trap and bass music.

Burningmax DJ blog

It might sound old school,
but this beat keeps me dancing.
Just bring on the bass.

burningmax-haiku by Burningmax

From dub to trap via drum’n’bass and dubstep, this is a place for bass lovers.

I love to drop the bass with techno every now and then, but these sets will take you to bassland right away.

Listen, download, share and enjoy. And dance. Headphones or massive speakers recommended, hopefully with a subwoofer.

  • 50 Shades of Beats :: 420 Session at Canapa Mundi 2020
  • Burningmax | DJ Sets | Canapa Mundi 2019
    Smokey Beats for a Stoners' Afternoon - Live in Rome at Canapa Mundi
  • Liquid Drum'n'Bass | Studio mix by Burningmax
  • 420 Sessions: Naples / Napule
  • Liquid Drum and Bass for Breakfast :: Nowhere 2017 Live
  • Burningmax Live 420 Session - Barcelona BBB 2017
  • Bipolar Beats :: Techno'n'Drum'n'Burn :: Live at Roman Burn 2016
  • Burningmax Live at Nowhere :: Trap Set Middle of Nowhere
  • Burningmax 20 :: Trapped in Trap Music
  • Burningmax Live 16 :: 420 Session at Manrusionica
  • Burningmax Live 15 :: Live At MART
  • Burningmix 13 :: The 420 Session
  • Burningmix Live 07 :: OccupyWallStreet at London Decompression
Burningmax special projects :: Remixes


Remixes and reworks of some amazing tunes, and a tribute to some of the producers I love.

Burningmax special projects :: 420 Sessions


A few stoner downbeat sessions to celebrate that 420 moment of international celebration.

Burningmax special projects :: Mixdecks


My first series of studio DJ sets ever, with which I kicked off this blog back in 2009.

Burningmax special projects :: Burning Man Sets


All my Burning Man DJ sets, live from Black Rock City and other burners dancefloors.