Have you tried liquid drum and bass for breakfast? It’s delicious! Try it with a mimosa cocktail or with a bloody mary, depending on your hungover state! =)

I love liquid drum and bass, with its “logical progression” bass, its jungle beat and a bit of grime mixed up in a good measure. Liquid drum and bass tunes are beautiful, dreamful, uplifting. Soulful, luscious, sexy. A bit cheesy sometimes, specially on the lyrics and some piano or horns melodies, but it does its job delivering progressive bliss, and keeping pumping on the dancefloor.

This is my very last at Nowhere 2017, 2 early morning hours that flew by smoothly. After my actual last closing set on Saturday night, when we had to respect sound policy and to switch off our Function One racks at 7AM, I’ve plugged the exit of my Traktor controller into a Minirig speaker and served some liquid drum and bass for breakfast to the last ravers who still want to keep dancing. Because we neverfuckingstop, remember? =)

This year at Nowhere I’ve been playing every day, including before and after the official festival dates, and I selected 5 sets to share, those with mostly new tracks, and with different styles. I will be sharing the other Nowhere DJ sets soon, stay tuned!

One technical note about this liquid drum and bass set: since I played this set on small speakers without a proper subwoofer, and switching from Funktion One, I’ve “pumped up” the bass from my controller. It worked, but I had to clean a bit the sound from the recorded session, as the bass was in fact a bit too much, specially on the compressed mp3 version that I share online. I suggest you don’t emphasize the bass of your device when listening to this set. Just put the bass flat, and you should be be OK, even on headphones.

Enjoy the DJ set, share it, and dance dance dance!


:: Never Gonna Stop – Sunny Crimea
:: All night long (Level 2 Remix) – Cabin Fever UK
:: Tomorrow – DuoScience + Nelver
:: Nothing In This World – Sunny Crimea + Derrick + Tonika
:: She Got Me On – Soul Connection
:: Vanity – Shuwa
:: Triband (feat. S.P.Y) – Marcus Intalex
:: Never Without You – Altitude
:: Morella – Dynamic + Blade
:: Favela – S.P.Y.
:: Homeboyz (Serum Remix) – Sub:Stance
:: I Stayed Around – Random Movement
:: Sweet Dream – Rake
:: We Don’t Talk Anymore – Phil Tangent
:: Forest Fires (feat. Etherwood) [Etherwood Remix] – Fred V + Grafix
:: Solving Secrets – Vandera
:: Want The Girl – Pennygiles
:: Shining Lights / We Are in Love – Sunny Crimea
:: Awakenings – Magnafide
:: Amur – Disept
:: Your Lovers Tear Across the Kiss – Sunny Crimea + Physical Illusion
:: Far Away – Forge + ATP
:: Fade Away – Changing Faces
:: I’m Free – Koschy
:: NoWhere – Ow3s UK
:: Cast Away – Etherwood

Liked Liquid Drum and Bass for Breakfast?
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This mix is just for fun and not for commercial use. Copyright for each tune is owned by their respective artists and/or publishers. For more info on copyright see this page.