Another great party with friends, and in an unusual location just outside Rome – il Castelletto, a real castle! The castle was hosting a huge party, with DJs in the garden and indoor at ground floor, while I took over the terrace space at the first floor of the castle. At about 1/3 of the set (when you’ll get to a downbeat dance version of the classic “What is Love?”) we went chilled for the classic birthday cake and drinks, and i kept the music going but on chillout mode, to kick the DJ set again a bit later. Here you get the entire journey, also available for download , see link below. Enjoy, and happy birthday to whoever has a birthday!


AceMo – Something to Look Forward To
Citizen Kain – Seheiah
Fred again.., Skrillex & Four Tet – Baby again..
Because of Art (feat. Antony Szmierek) – Circle of Light
Artist Code 494E46 – Nightmare on the Airplane
Laurent Garnier – Give Me Some Sulfites
Drumcomplex – Anemone
Brutalismus 3000 – Suka Suka
Ravetrx – Feel the Way
Pretty Pink – What Is Love (feat. Tears & Marble)
A Reminiscient Drive – Ambrosia (Jori Hulkkonen Remix)
Tom Trago – Hidden Heart of Gold (Original Mix)
Laurent Garnier – Granulator Bordelum
Works of Intent (Artist Code 574F49) – Winning Dulls the Pain
DJ Minx – The Throne
Damiano von Erckert – 500 People, 500 Hearts, 1 Love
Orlando Voorn – Involvement (Pat Hurley Remix)
Lewy – Aggar
The Cranberries vs. Zombie Nation – Zombie 400 (Documented Youth Mashup)
Skee-Lo – I wish (Tavatli Remix)
Space Rangers – The Move
I. JORDAN – Hey Baby
Artist Code 414C4D – El Dia de la Pantera

Liked the DJ set? Download it from here, enjoy it and share it with your friends! This mix is just for fun and not for commercial use. Copyright for each tune is owned by their respective artists and/or publishers. For more info on copyright see this page.