Unconventional sets and experimental stuff.

Burningmax DJ blog

Bring dance to the east,
to the west and in your heart.
Add a tambourine.

burningmax-haiku by Burningmax

All those weird DJ sets with rock and roll, african beats, or experimental stuff.

I like to escape techno and go eclectic every now and then, even if just for a set.

Listen, download, share and enjoy. And dance. Good speakers or headphones and an open mind recommended.

  • 50 Shades of Beats :: 420 Session at Canapa Mundi 2020
  • Burningmax | DJ Sets | Canapa Mundi 2019
    Smokey Beats for a Stoners' Afternoon - Live in Rome at Canapa Mundi
  • 420 Sessions: Naples / Napule
  • Burningmax presents AGNIXAM :: Spiritual Dance
  • Burningmax Presents - Mushroom Beats
  • Burningmax :: Smells Like Boom Spirit
  • Burningmax Live 420 Session - Barcelona BBB 2017
  • Burningmax Live - Fuck Ecstatic Dance This Is Spiritual
  • Burningmax Live :: Nowhere 2014 :: 420 Session
  • Burningmax 21 :: Radio Werkhaus :: Nowhere X Tribute
  • Burningmax Live 16 :: 420 Session at Manrusionica
  • Burningmax Live 15 :: Live At MART
  • Burningmix 13 :: The 420 Session
  • In-Flight Entertainment 02 :: Nairobi
  • Burningmix 07 :: Rave and Roll, Babe...
Burningmax special projects :: Remixes


Remixes and reworks of some amazing tunes, and a tribute to some of the producers I love.

Burningmax special projects :: Burning Man Sets


All my Burning Man DJ sets, live from Black Rock City and other burners dancefloors.

Burningmax special projects :: In-flight Entertainment


My solution to those long boring flights and trips: make a new mix to creatively kill time.

Burningmax special projects :: 420 Sessions


A few stoner downbeat sessions to celebrate that 420 moment of international celebration.