I’ve never really understood the trend of Ecstatic Dance. Don’t get me wrong, I have a very active “holistic life” so I know it all about it, but as a DJ and most of all as a raver, I simply cannot understand (nor accept) those sudden swings from a good tune to a crappy one, to an uplifting groove to a sudden cheesy pop song. Yes, sure… the 5 rythms, the flow… I know – but that’s gotta be a different way…

So at the recent Barcelona Burning Bash Weekend BBB 2017, during one of my scheduled DJ sets I took the holistic dance to another level – the spiritual one. And I made sure that one was going to good for the dancefloor, too – not just for the soul.

Techno, trance, and good dance electronica are this time at service of prayers. The entire set, that opens and closes with a Gayatri Mantra, is actually made by tracks that are in fact prayers. And when they are not, good dance music is the base for a wide series of spiritual loops that I throw in the mix: buddhist mantras, tibetan monks, gregorian chants, african spiritual chants, native american prayers, sufi sounds, Osho meditation tunes and more – including “icaros”, sacred amazonian chants for ayahuasca ceremonies.

I hope you enjoy it. Shanti Om, motherfuckers.


:: Center of the Universe – Veeresh and the Humaniversity Sound
:: Gayatri Mantra (Christopher Just Remix) – Mel Merio
:: Moola Prayer (Kareem Ra├»hani Remix) – Maneesh De Moor + Sudha
:: Lotus Sutra – Seth Goatan
:: Equilibrio – Corel
:: Desert Dance – Bahramji + Swan
:: Bodhi Mandala (Drumspyder Remix) – Desert Dwellers
:: The Way of the Masters – Veeresh and the Humaniversity Sound
:: Blissful – Kamaxi Nest
:: Chandra: Goa Ecstatic Dance – Prem Joshua
:: Urpillay (Bedouin Remix) – Lum
:: Vasco de Gama – Mr Naga
:: Sufi Swirl – B. Smiley
:: Karnataka Shore – Ring Mara
:: The Soul Force – Veeresh and the Humaniversity Sound
:: Heaven Electric – Skychurch
:: Ode – Nick Devon
:: Om Mani Padme Hum – Sonic Elysium
:: Afro Perkution (Club Mix) – Royal Music Paris
:: Saranghi Breaks (Mashti + Polyesta Remix) – Kaya Project
:: Om Hrim: Namaste Stillness Mantra – DJ Drez + The Jahta Beat Orchestra
:: Dreamer (Summer 2015 Mix) – Abakus
:: Aquarius (Soul Button Remix) – Ran Salman
:: Somewhere – Deep Forest
:: Gayatri Mantra (Christopher Just Remix) – Mel Merio

:: Om Meditation
:: Gayatri Mantras
:: Buddhist Mantras
:: Hinduist Bhajans
:: Tibetan Monks chanting
:: African spiritual chants
:: Native American prayers
:: Gregorian chants
:: Sufi songs
:: Osho / AUM meditation
:: Icaros, sacred amazonian chants for ayahuasca ceremonies

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This mix is just for fun and not for commercial use. Copyright for each tune is owned by their respective artists and/or publishers. For more info on copyright see this page.